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Monday, 14 May 2012

Cover Crazy #66

Hosted by The Book Worms
Glass Heart - Amy Garvey
I really like that you can tell this is part of the Cold Kiss series =)
I love this cover because :
- I just love love the frozen effect used, it's so awesome!
- The glass heart is amazing, I love how you can see it's melting a tiny bit. The detail is amazing. 
- Really like that her lipstick is the main colour in the cover. Red & lips mean love and kissing!
-I really like the type of font used with the patterns over the words.
- A book which actually makes it clear that it's a sequel!  
Dislike :
- I can't really think of a way this cover could be improved. I just love it! 

Lovely, Dark and Deep - Amy McNamara
Well I love snow and I rarely see covers which use snow to make an amazing and attractive cover but this cover does exactly that. 
I love this cover because :
- I love the shapes the snow makes on the tree trunk.
- Love the effect of the tree, it makes the book feel very natural which is definitely a plus for me. 
- The title has been added in a way which makes it stand out but doesn't get in the way of the picture. A very clever way!
- The person sitting under the tree, alone, makes me wonder what the book is about? Especially because of the title. What is this person doing out in the snow?

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