Random Tips on Building Your Own Home Theater

setting up a mini home theater

For many families, watching movies serve as an effective bonding time together with parent, kids and other relatives. However, not many adults in the family are blessed to have flexible schedules which is essential in order to set movie nights in the cinema. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and that is by setting up your very own mini movie theater at home. Of course, the cinema has a lot of rules to follow and although some movie theaters have obtained license for alcohol, it’s still a very new thing and so, not many movie theaters around USA are in for it–this is exactly why starting a home cinema is an amazing idea.

Theater at Home

Building a home theater is not all fun and games, a lot of preparations have to be done in order to make the project a successful one. Many decisions, from choosing the wiring gauge to choosing the movie screen, have to be done. Since things can be quite tricky, it may be helpful to remember some tips that will help maximize your home theater experience. So, if you and your family are planning to start a home theater, might as well read the useful tips below provided by Books for Company.

Tips for Set Up

  • Choose the right space.

First and foremost, you will need a room that can house several seats and a movie screen. So, a room definitely bigger than your bathroom is a must. We don’t want things such as the seats, speakers and screen to get cramped up inside the area; this will only lower the quality of our home cinema experience.

  • Explore online.

When buying the equipment, going online is actually a good idea. Reading reviews will definitely help you in making decisions. Furthermore, comparing prices becomes much easier as well. And so, if you’re in need of some speakers or amplifiers, you might want to check out Best Amp’s Website for some suggestions.

tips for home theater

  • Go for the carpet.

Going for wall-to-wall carpet is ideal for a home cinema since the material can absorb sounds. More so, a carpet provides great comfort especially for little kids who prefer to sprawl on the floor while watching the movies.

  • Paint it dark.

Remember to keep the room dark by painting it dark. Bright colored wall paints will only reflect light coming from the screen and this could annoyingly distract people trying watch movies. You don’t have to paint the room black, just go for the darkest room color you can bear with.

  • Work with a surround sound.

To maximize the experience of having a cinema at home, the best way to complete the mission is by working with a surround system. Being able to hear the movie from all corners of the room makes the experience more real other than struggling to hear it from a single Bluetooth speaker in front.

  • Choosing the screen.

You may want to go for some portable or inflatable movie screens that helps give you the cinematic vibe rather than sticking with a plain flat screen television that is not wide enough to accommodate the audience.

  • Calculate the distance.

The distance of the seats from the screen is also important since it affects the view and angles. Luckily, there are distance calculators online which you can use. Simply put in the details of your room and in just one click, you’ll know what distance is suitable for your set up.

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