The Use of Books In Explaining Divorce To Children

parent reading books to kid

There is no doubt that the divorce process is difficult for both parents and children. But there is, indeed,a huge difference as to how parents understand and cope with the situation as compared to how their children deal with it. Needless to say, divorce has a massive impact on children.

Parents and Children During Divorce

While divorce is approaching or pending, it is of utmost importance that both parents communicate with their children with regards to the situation at hand. Hence, you will also need an attorney who is competent, like,  in handling the case while you spend time with your child.

Of course, if the child is below the age of comprehending what is happening even at the slightest, then the explanation is really not a problem. However, if we are dealing with children of the age where they are able to fully grasp the implications of divorce, this requires more effort and attention from the parents.

Communication is the key to make things easier for the kids to understand. It is important that both parents be present during the discussion. Moreover, the discussion should be according to the level of the child or children’s mental capacity.

Unfortunately, in some cases, parents might find it quite difficult in explaining the reasons for divorce or the changes which divorce may bring upon the family. This is where the power of books come in.

How Books Might Help in Explaining

Even if your child is between the ages 5 to 10 or if your child is in his teenage years, the use of books may still make a big difference in helping them understand what the family is going through.

The books that come in handy are usually those which tell a similar, albeit not entirely, story. When using or reading books in order to explain the divorce situation, it helps the child in the following ways:

  • The child will be able to identify and relate to the characters. When child gets to know the characters in the book, he or she will be able to gauge his or her feelings, emotions, contentions, etc.
  • The child will realize that the situation is not isolated and that there are other children who are also experiencing what he/she is experiencing. This reassures the child that what his or her family is going through is not bad.
  • The child will be able to gain more knowledge about realities in life.
  • The child will be able to use the power of imagination in trying to understand the whole situation; this may make it easier for him or her to deal with the actual thing.

books that explain divorce to kids

When dealing with older kids however, such as those of the age 12 and above, they may wish to read the books alone and they may refuse to discuss the contents of the book. Still, as parents, you must assure your kids that you are available to hold a discussion with them regarding this topic.

At the end of the day, communication plays a crucial role in helping kids cope with the reality of divorce. Helping them understand and deal effectively with the situation will not only entail one technique but surely, reading as well as the use of books will be of great help.


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