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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cover Reveal - Keep it Sexy

Chaos follows Billie McAllister wherever she goes…

When Billie catches yet another boyfriend cheating on her, it’s the last straw. She retreats home to Colorado, determined to rebuild her life and stay far away from her unsavory family of con men and criminals. But her plans are derailed when she meets her disarmingly charming, tattooed new boss.

Christian Rodriguez has left his own tainted past behind to achieve his dream…

All Christian ever wanted was to own a bar. Now he does, but his dedication to living life on the straight and narrow is threatened with the arrival of his feisty, brown-eyed new waitress, Billie. Their powerful attraction should bring light to their previously dark lives, but also has the potential to pull both of them back into the criminal lifestyles they’ve vowed to leave behind.

Family ties are hard to break, and Billie’s family isn’t about to let her go…

When her father, brothers, and ex-boyfriend Connor show up, they make it clear they all want her back, even if they have to destroy Christian in the process. 

Billie and Christian are caught in a tangled web of family loyalties, greed, betrayal, and hidden agendas as they struggle to uncover others’ secrets while keeping their own. 

Can they best protect each other by staying together, or by walking away and continuing to play a very dangerous game?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Beneath These Chains By Meghan March

I was raised on the streets, so I know things are rarely as simple as they appear—especially this rich girl showing up at my pawnshop demanding a job.
She’s the most tempting thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ll be damned if I can make her leave.
Shit just got complicated … but when it comes to her—I want complicated.
We’re both fighting our own demons, and our only chance at a future is to let go of the past.
But will we be strong enough to break free from beneath these chains?

Chapter 1
LordI fucking hated people who stole from me. Which was ironic, considering the only thing that had kept me from starving as a kid had been picking pockets and snatching purses. I dropped my elbows to the desk and rubbed a hand over my buzzed head.
“Goddamn, karma’s a bitch.”
“She the bitch you fucked last night, bro?” The leather of my office couch creaked as Mathieu sank his tall, lanky frame into it.
“How many times do I have to tell you not to call women ‘bitches,’ boy?”My words were met with a long sigh from Mathieu. Ever since he’d walked into Chains and tried to grab a guitar and run back out the door—only to be tackled to the ground by yours truly—he’d been a fixture in my life. To be fair, his choices had been to work off the price of what he’d attempted to steal, or go directly to the nearest cop shop. The entire situation had been such a blast from the past, I’d caught myself smiling when I should’ve been glaring and scaring the piss out of the kid. But apparently I’d done an okay job of it because he’d decided starting a rap sheet at seventeen wasn’t a good plan. Thank fuck. Almost two years later, the kid was my right hand.
And now that Chains was mine, someone was stealing from me—but not just someone. An employee. Someone I should’ve been able to trust. The cameras I had installed on her day off had already paid for themselves.
I rolled my head from side to side, cracking my neck. I hated firing people. It never got easier. And this time? This time it was going to be even worse … because there would be tears. And quite possibly claws.
Pushing up from the chair, I strode to the door without looking at Mathieu. Over my shoulder, I tossed, “You might want to stay here; Brianna’s ass is about to get canned.”“For real?” His words followed me out, but I didn’t bother to reply.Every time I stepped foot onto the shop floor, a feeling of pride surged through me—pride that I’d helped build this business into one that was not only honest, but profitable. At least, it was profitable when one of my employees wasn’t skimming off the till and messing with my bank deposits.
Finger twirling in her long, dark extensions and gum snapping between her teeth, Brianna flipped the pages of a magazine with a giant black Sharpie in one hand, circling shit. Probably shit she wanted to buy with the money she’d been stealing from me. The store was empty, which made what I was about to do a little easier.
“Bree, need a few minutes.”
Her head popped up, lips pursing as she took me in. “You can have all the time you need, boss.” Her gaudy fake eyelashes batted at me in what I assumed was supposed to be a sexy move. I stowed the urge to tell her to save it for someone whose dick got hard at the sight of her … but since I was about to fire her, why add insult to injury? The woman had been unsuccessfully trying to add her notch to my bedpost since I’d hired her. Bringing her on had been a mistake, and I’d known it from the minute she’d walked in the door, but a friend had called in a favor.
“Boss? You had something to say?” she prompted.
I watched her, not speaking.
She stopped the hair twirling and capped the Sharpie, resituating herself on the stool and folding her hands in her lap.“Lord?”“You’re done.”
Bree’s dark eyes flew wide. “Done? You mean done for the day?”“Done. For good. Get your shit and get out.”
Bree lost the innocent pose as she crossed her arms and stared me down. “Not until you tell me why.”
In two long strides, I closed the distance between the register and me and pressed my hands to the counter.
“I gave you a job. Gave you a paycheck you didn’t have to suck a dick to get. But that wasn’t enough for you. You had to have more, and instead of coming to me and asking for a raise, you decided to make it happen yourself.”The color faded from her face, leaving her mocha-colored skin sallow. “Wh-what?”

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Gilded Cage By Lauren Smith

The Gilded Cage 
By Lauren Smith
Meet the Hero from The Gilded Cage
I’m so excited to introduce you to the hero from my new book! Bad boy bullrider Fenn Lockwood was kidnapped as a boy and stolen from his rich family’s home in Long Island. Raised on the lamb by one of his kidnappers, he later is unofficially adopted by the Taylor family who runs a ranch in Colorado. He doesn’t remember who he really is, or that he has a family and life he’s missed out for the last 25 years.

Name:   Fenn Lockwood
Height:   6’2
Weight:   210 lbs
Hair:   Golden blond, a little on the long side and windblown
Eyes:   Hazel
  1. Who is your special lady? Hayden Thorne
  2. What do you like most (or least) about her? She’s a firecracker, and not just in bed. She’s crazy smart and has an MBA. Between her curves and her brains, she turns me inside out. I even love arguing with her because making up in bed is so much fun. She isn’t spoiled, I love that about her. She’s a real woman, strong, full of a good heart and ready to die for those she loves. Who doesn’t love a woman like that?
  3. What do you like to do for fun? Fun? Well…I work almost all the time on the Broken Spur ranch to keep it from getting foreclosed. But, I did have a good time getting into a bar fight with an old rodeo rival named Kyle. Me and my childhood friend Wes Thorne (Hayden’s big brother) kicked Kyle’s butt. That was definitely fun.
  4. Who is the best friend and why? Apparently, before I got kidnapped, I had three best friends: my twin brother Emery, Wes Thorne and Royce Devereaux. But I haven’t seen them since I was eight, so my best friend sort of become Jim Taylor, the owner of the Broken Spur ranch, but he’s more like a father to me.
  5. Share an exciting moment from the adventures you’ve had since you met Hayden:  Well, hell, exciting? I guess that time we got trapped on the side of a damn mountain when an assassin shot out a tire on a semi-truck. It knocked my truck over the cliff and we landed in a tree. Hayden and I climbed out and slept on a cliff ledge waiting to be rescued. She really had to trust me that night and it strengthened the bond between us.
  6. Describe a tortured moment from your past:  Being kidnapped with my twin brother Emery at age eight. We were held for three months in a crumbling mansion and tortured by an insane Italian assassin who’d been hired to kill us by someone who wanted to keep us from inheriting our family’s fortune. I got hit in the head during an escape attempt, and didn’t remember most of what happened, not until I reconnected with my brother Emery.
  7. What makes you the bad-ass that you are: I’ve learned to survive on my own without a family and without help. Everything I’ve done to survive has been because of my own strength, not because someone had to help me. It’s like Jim Taylor says, “You have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.”

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Burn by Allie Juliette Monusseau

By Allie Juliette Mousseau

Genre: New Adult/Sports Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2015

Liam Knight, a sexy panty-melting, hard-bodied streetfighter and renowned tattoo artist, is rising up the ranks of the UFC Middleweight Division, but he’s about to get knocked out by his past.

Quinn Kelley is a semester away from becoming a college graduate when her mother’s death sends her spiraling, forcing her to go back to her hometown and a past she can’t outrun.

Nearly a decade ago, Liam and Quinn fell in love while surviving on the city streets together, but they were torn apart by one irreversible night. Now each has moved forward without the other, but like a tattoo on the heart, absolute love creates a lasting burn.

Quinn has kept a tight rein on her emotions, but with the passing of her mother, the foundation she’s built begins to crack. Will seeing Liam again crumble her fortress to the ground, uncovering the flame that still burns? Or will it extinguish the fire forever?

Liam’s tough exterior and resentful demeanor hides more than a wounded heart. He’s tormented by guilt over what happened to Quinn—and the secret he kept, even from her. But revealing his secrets would require unearthing the all-consuming monster he keeps caged in the darkest part of his soul, the one that threatens to devour him.

When they’re given a second chance, will they let go of their fear and pride and let the flame between them become one? 

Or will the heat burn them both?

Meet Allie


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Undeniable by Amy Marie

Amy Marie 


“Do you love him?”

She takes another shot of tequila but still answers. “I thought I did, but is love supposed to be this hard?” she asks before her attention is directed to the door where a few others have come in. She looks down at her phone and frowns. I want to reach over and kiss her sadness away.

“Well,” I start to tell her. “I’ve only ever been in love once so from my experience no… but it does make you vulnerable enough to have your heart ripped open.”

A snort escapes her. “I know how that feels, Ryder. You don’t have to tell me how that feels.”

“So, if Braden ripped your heart open then why are you with him.”

“No, not Braden. You.” Her words cut me to my core. “You ripped my heart out.”

My stomach twists in knots. I did everything but hurt her. Yes, we kept it a secret but I never did anything besides love her and make sure she knew that I did. Hadley was my world and when she left it felt like I was stranded in the middle of the ocean with no paddle in my one man boat.

“Well, you ripped mine out too,” I tell her before taking another shot. I know she is open, answering questions, but she can’t just put all the blame of what happened on me. I didn’t leave her without any idea of where I went. She left me and she left me broken. “But unlike you I haven’t been able to have a normal working relationship since.”

Her eyes lift to mine hurling daggers at me with each second that passes by. Throwing her hands up her voice gets loud enough to draw attention. “Normal? Is this normal to you? My “normal” relationship is hanging on by a thread right now. And you…” she points at me, “ever since you came back it’s like that thread is rapidly unraveling!”

I quickly jump out of my side of the booth and slide into her side. Her eyes grow wide and she cowers into the back of it. Every inch I move in she pushes away until her back hits the wall and her knee comes up to block me. That one sentence, that one beautiful sentence has given me what I didn’t even know I needed to hear. 
Leaning in as close as I can get without tasting those beautiful lips of hers I whisper, “Maybe that should tell you something, Had. I make no apologies for unraveling you and now that I know I’m helping dwindle the flimsy string that is holding the joke you call a relationship together,” I breathe in closer. “I plan on watching it fall to the floor and then I’ll secure you with nice, strong rope. Tie us up so tight you can’t move…not that you would want to.”

Her body shakes but not from being scared. It’s quivering. I’m making her quiver and her labored breaths are causing a stir behind the zipper of my jeans. If she wasn’t taken I would claim her mouth once again.

She doesn’t say a word but just stares between my lips and my eyes, her tongue coming out to wet her mouth. She wants me to kiss her.

Fuck it.

I lean in, pushing her erected knee into her chest. Her breath hitches as I bring my hand up to her cheek, caressing it softly, her head falling hesitantly into my palm. Bringing my lips closer she rewets hers, and I take that as my cue to grab the other side of her face and pull her towards me. Our lips just millimeters from one another, our eyes locked on each other.

I pull on a tendril of hair. “I miss the red. It suited you.”

“Ryder,” she whispers, the alcohol from her breath intoxicating me.

“Hadley,” I breathe back into her.

Her eyes blink back a tear and it breaks my heart. “I loved you.”

Taking another move getting so close I can feel her lips graze mine as I say, “I loved you more.”
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