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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Excerpt + Giveaway - Taking Control

By Jen Frederick

The hotly anticipated sequel to Losing Control.

I thought I needed only one thing in my life–the money and power to crush one man. But the moment I laid eyes on Victoria Corielli, my thirst for revenge was replaced by my craving for her.

No rule would keep me away; no obstacle too large to overcome. Not her will, not our differing social positions, not my infamous past. When she lost everything, I helped her pick up the pieces. When she trusted me with everything, she sealed her fate.

I’ve convinced Victoria she can put her heart in my hands. Now I have to protect it–from her shady stepfather and my business rivals, from enemies known and hidden. I’ll do anything to keep her. And I might have to prove it, because now Victoria's risking more than her heart to be with me; she’s risking her life.


I want us to get married. Soon. Do you want a big wedding?”

“Married? I mean, I guess I thought you were serious but I figured…I don’t know.” Her voice trails off.

“That my proposal of marriage was somehow insincere? I’ve never wanted anything more. I just didn’t want to pressure you because of all the emotional upheaval you’re experiencing now.” Rolling over so she can see me and judge the sincerity for herself, I declare, “I want you to be my wife. The mother of any children we have. My partner in life. I want that to happen now so that I can introduce you as Mrs. Ian Kerr.”

Her eyes close for a moment and beneath the lids, silent tears leak out. Her words, though, are classic. “Maybe you should take my name. You can be Ian Corielli and I’ll introduce you as Mr. Victoria Corielli.”

“As long as it means you’re mine in the eyes of the world, I’ll be Mr. John Smith.”

She wraps her arms around my neck and clings to me. This time the shudders I’m soothing are from maybe, possibly, hopefully joy for our future. “I’m okay with Victoria Kerr,” she chokes out. “You better give me a big rock and lots of flowers since you’re proposing to me while we’re naked.”

“I proposed to you when I first took you to the house on the Long Island Sound.”

“You didn’t propose. You said that you wanted me to be your wife and fill your big house with lots of little people.”

“That’s a proposal.”

“It was a demand.”

“It was a request couched as a demand.”

Her body is shaking with laughter. “You’ve been in charge for too long. That was no request.”

Pushing to my knees, I reach into the nightstand and retrieve the box I bought before Sophie died. Her eyes grow huge and her hands come up to the cover her mouth. I flip the box lid open, pluck the ring out and toss it aside.

Lifting her shaking hand in mine, I slide the ring down her finger.

“When I was fifteen I made a hundred different stupid vows. I’d avenge my mother. I’d rise to the top of Wall Street and smite everyone down. I’d crush Richard Howe beneath the sole of my boot. I’d win at everything. But I never wished for happiness because I didn’t know what it was until you came into my life. How could I want something I didn’t know was missing? Now, everything I’ve achieved pales in comparison to having you love me. When I say that you’re my heart, my everything, those aren’t just words. They are the only truth in my world. I’d give up money, revenge, success, as long as I could lie down next to you at night and wake up with your face beside mine.

There is no greater achievement in my life than having you fall in love with me and I recognize on some mysterious level that is pure luck. I need you to marry me and be my wife. I need you to be the mother of my children. I need you because without you I am nothing. I am a pile of bones and flesh filled with misery. You bring me to life. Love me, marry me, be with me in this life and into all the ones we live from this point ever after.”

“Well, since you put it like that, I guess I must.” She rises and kisses me. Our mouths sealing the promises we’ve made to another one another.

I make love to her again then, slowly. We barely move. I just slide in and we rock together and allow the strength of our emotions to carry us into the heaven. 
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cover Reveal - Hostage by N.S Moore

By N.S Moore
My life is split into two realities. Before Code. And after him.

The first time I saw him, he walked into my father’s bank with the strut of a man who knows exactly what he wants. I saw in him a fearlessness that I desperately wanted, needed, craved as much as my next breath.

Because I was watching him, I knew immediately when he pulled out a gun, aimed it at the ceiling, and fired three shots.

And that is the way I mark my life—before that moment and after it. Before, when I tried to be agreeable, tried to be admired, tried to be pretty, tried to make sure everyone liked me. Tried to shake myself of shame. And after, when all of that fell away. When I just didn’t care anymore.

Before Code. And after him.

I didn’t know then what he would be to me. I didn’t know how he would transform the fabric of my existence. I didn’t know he would move me, reshape me, mold me into someone else, someone I wanted to be.

Afterwards, he would become my lover, my savior, my hope, and my strength.

But, before that, he was my hostage-taker.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Excerpt - The Right Song by Shane Morgan

The Right Song
The Right Song Excerpt 
“The First Performance”
Daegan mouths to me that I’m next. An onset of nervousness engulfs me. I say a silent prayer that I don’t screw this up and embarrass myself.
Walking over to the side of the stage, I smile at the singer as she makes her way off. She doesn’t look too pleased by her performance. She sounded okay to me.
The MC hops up to the microphone in a jolly manner. He asks everyone how they’re doing so far and then after a little chit-chat and some failed jokes, he finally looks at his cue card.
“All right, put your hands together for Aurora Law!”
Huh? He chopped off the rest of my last name.
I swallow back the stiffness in my throat, clutch my guitar, and head up the steps.
Everyone claps as I make my way to centerstage. Daegan’s right—you can’t really see the faces of the audience with all the light focusing on the stage.
I glance behind at the band and ask if they know Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Walk Away’. The drummer is the only one familiar with the song, so I tell the others to let me lead with my guitar and just fall in with the beat.
It’s an up-tempo song. I figure it’ll give the energetic crowd something to rock to. Hopefully, I can pull this off.
Edging back to the microphone stand, I inhale a soft breath and try to spot his face for motivation. I didn’t think I’d be able to make him out in this dark room, but somehow I do. Daegan’s on his feet behind the audience. His eyes lock with mine, eagerly waiting for me to deliver something great.
I don’t want to let him down. I don’t want to disappoint myself.

My chest relaxes. Melodies float around in my head. I hear the harmonies. I can do this.
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Friday, 8 August 2014

Author Interview - Wendy Owens

Author Interview
What type of character and person is Mac?
Mac is a person that is like many of us. She considered herself strong at one point in her life, but when she loses the people that matter the most to her she realizes that strength she had was an illusion. Even though it seems like love might be trying to find it's way into her life again she is a stubborn one, and until she finds that inner strength to stand alone in the world again, she isn't about to let someone else in.

Which book have you enjoyed writing the most in the Stubborn Love Series?
For me the series was about some personal healing. Only in Dreams meant the world to me because it came at a time when I was coping with the loss of my brother-in-law. He had been in our lives since I was in high school, he was the godfather to my children, and the love of my sister's life. Then suddenly he was gone. I didn't know how to deal with the pain. I was hurting and everyone around me was hurting. I needed a way to work through that grief and Only in Dreams gave me that outlet.

What do you enjoy most about writing Romantic books?
I'm one of those authors that will write whatever she is feeling, nomatter what the genre is. Romance however has become one of those genres where I get to work through my own issues with relationships. Failures, successes, even relationships I watch my closest family and friends go through. I am careful to only draw inspiration though, and never pull direct story lines.

Is there any topic which you haven't yet wrote about which you would like to?

Yes, there are a couple, but right now I am working on an outline to a manuscript that deals with a kidnap victim and people's assumptions about people. Mystery and Intrigue are weaved throughout the plot with some steamy romance as well.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Tour - How We Deal with Gravity Excerpt

Displaying GravityCover_Final.jpg
How We Deal With Gravity
by Ginger Scott
Adore this cover a lot!

He’s watching me over his phone. I can see his eyes move to me every so often, and I just smile and continue on with my work. His attention scares the hell out of me, because I know how quickly it can latch on to someone else. But for now, I give myself this little moment. Right now, slightly drunk, Mason Street finds me pretty enough to flirt with, and damn it, I am.

“Do you ever just stop?” Mason asks, pushing his phone back into his pocket and dropping his feet to the ground. He leans forward on his elbows, looking at me across the table. His arms flex slightly, and I can’t help but shift my gaze to his bicep and the tattoo.

“What’s with the tiger?” I ask, changing the subject entirely.

“He was a makeup tattoo. Covering up something stupid I got when I was drunk once in Vegas. You didn’t answer my question.” He moves over a seat, so he’s closer to me, and I shift my tray to my other hip, just to add a barrier. He notices, and his lip curls up on the side in a devious grin.

“I know. I’m avoiding it,” I say back. He’s not going to charm me—this girl can dish it, and take it.

He sits back in his chair, and folds his arms now, propping a foot back up along the side of the table. He’s chewing at the inside of his cheek, and I’m just waiting for him to come back with a second round. I keep loading up my tray, and when it’s full, I turn to leave. I’m almost free when Mason catches up to me and walks me to the bar.

“I probably should have asked that differently,” he says, pulling the tray from my hands and putting the dirties in the bin before handing it back to me. “I’ve never met anyone like you, Avery. Not a girl in her twenties, anyways. You just go and go and go. And I was just thinking, you never take time to just stop—and to just be.”
I’m sure the face I’m making back at him isn’t flattering, but really…that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How can I just be?

“You know what kind of girl does that?” I say, moving in a little closer just so Mason knows he doesn’t intimidate me. “A vapid one, without a kid, and who is planning a beach-house getaway with her girlfriends. That girl is a fairytale, Mason. Make-believe. Us realwomen? We have responsibilities—and we put other people first. Because it’s the right thing to do. So no—no, I don’t just ever…stop. Too much depends on me going.”
I can actually feel my hands shaking I’m so flustered by this conversation. All I want to do is smash my tray in his face and race off to the locker area to lie down and breathe. But I can’t.

I can’t, because somewhere in the midst of my rant, Mason grabbed my hand with his, and now all I can freaking focus on is the feeling of his thumb lightly grazing my fingers and how much it makes me want to burst into tears.

“One drink, right before close. That’s all I’m asking,” Mason says, his eyes boring into mine like lasers. “I’m not saying pick up and go backpacking across Europe. I’m just asking you to take a break, for once in your life. Have a beer with the guys and me while Ray closes up. We’ll shoot some pool, or throw some darts. Twenty minutes, and then you can go back to living for everyone else.”
Mason’s hand is still on mine, and my brain is tangled from the many emotions being mixed like a blender inside my chest. Whatever the cause, I nod yes slowly, and slide my hand from his.